What Kind Of Jeans Are In Style?



Comfortable, practical, durable, accessible to all budgets, jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Whether worn casually at the weekend or dressed up for outings, it is considered a wardrobe essential.

The Price And Quality Of Jeans: Things To Consider

Between the very affordable jeans and the overpriced jeans, a wide range of models is available to the consumer. Some things to consider when you see where to buy women jeans:

  • The different processes to which denim is subjected will have an impact on the price of the garment. The more the denim is worked to achieve certain flexibility, the more it will form to the silhouette and retain its original fit, wash, and colour.
  • Today we find quality jeans at low prices. It’s about opening the eye and knowing how to recognize the clues: new, quality jeans are often denser to the touch, their seams are solid and have an excellent finish. (You can test them yourself by pulling on them lightly to make sure the wires stay in place.)
  • Little tip: even if you don’t want to pay top dollar for high-end jeans, it is still interesting to try a few models in the store. This will allow you to compare the difference with more affordable jeans.
  • Good to know: Dark jeans in a regular fit will look better, no matter the price.
  • In addition to the quality of the jeans, a prestigious brand or a designer label will cost more than “generic” jeans.
  • The place of manufacture of the jeans also has an impact on the price paid in the store. Jeans made in Canada, Japan, or the United States are more expensive than a model made in China.

Buying Mistakes To Avoid

To avoid disappointment with the purchase of a new pair of jeans, keep the following in mind:

  • Stretch jeans are popular because they offer unparalleled comfort. We recommend between 1% and 2% full lycra to ensure comfortable jeans retain their shape and support.
  • Try on your stretch jeans one size smaller than what you usually wear, as they will “relax” with your movements and your body heat as soon as you wear them for the trouble. It is, therefore, expected that you feel very fitted (limit “tight”) when you try on new jeans in the cabin.
  • 100% cotton jeans will inevitably soften and enlarge over time.
  • Pay particular attention to the fit at the fork and buttocks when buying from clothing store. Avoid unsightly creases at the crotch: excess fabric in this area indicates that the model or size is not suitable. For example, avoid sizes that are too tall if you have a naturally short waist. In this case, jeans cut with a lower waist will work for you. When it comes to the buttocks, don’t buy jeans without observing them from the back! The pockets must be well centred, neither too high nor too low, neither too large nor too small.
  • Do you need to shorten your jeans or have a dart at the waist? Make sure to wash your jeans at least once before visiting the seamstress, as some models may shorten slightly in the wash. Bring the shoes you want to wear your jeans, and have the dart taken at the waist before measuring the bottom.
  • In terms of length, the narrower the jeans, the shorter they should be, around ankle height. In contrast, semi-flare and flare jeans should generally be worn longer, plus or minus 1cm from the floor.
  • Wash your jeans inside out in cold water, and let them air dry. To keep your jeans as long as possible, avoid the dryer at all costs!

Advice On Jeans In Style

  • Silhouette A (shoulders narrower than the hips)
  • Flared or semi-flared (bootcut) jeans are suitable for women with rounded buttocks and hips because they balance the silhouette.
  • The “contoured” or curved waist models (slightly higher in the centre of the back) suit women with a slim waist and round buttock. Thanks to this type of cut, we avoid the famous beak (or space) created at the waist behind when the size of the jeans is too large.
  • Dark jeans without unnecessary details are for you.
  • V-silhouette (shoulders wider than the hips)
  • A slightly flared model is ideal for balancing your figure. You can also afford the faded effects, lighter colours, and prints that create a visual impact at the bottom of the silhouette.
  • Silhouette X (shoulders and hips same width, defined waist)
  • Silhouette H (shoulders and hips of the same width, waist little or not defined)
  • Slim jeans and a straight leg cut highlight your slender figure.
  • You can dare the 70s-inspired flared cut!

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