Will Make You Better At Online Poker

4 Things That Will Make You Better At Online Poker

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We’re all looking for connection, kinship and triumph. And online poker would appear to offer all three. It was a great way for people to stay in touch with friends and make new ones during the pandemic and its resultant lockdown. And now it is an even better way of making some big winnings at said friends’ expense. But if you’re not careful, you’ll be the one shelling out time and time again. That’s why you need to get better at online poker. Remember, it’s a different game to its real-life version, so these tips are modified to suit the digital players. We’ll be looking at such topics as networking, sprucing up your playing area and even picking on the weaker players, as mean as that sounds. So without further ado, here are some of our big tips.

Network with other players

This is an idea suggested among Poker.org’s tips for upping your poker game, and it speaks to the importance of community and standing on the shoulders of giants. No idea, tactic or strategy in life is entirely unique. It is always, to some degree, rehashed and adjusted from the thoughts and creativity of others.

Aside from all the tips, you’ll also develop a camaraderie that will help pick you up during the low or unfruitful periods. Many sought kinship through online poker during the pandemic, for example. The New York Times reports people were fleeing the US to be able to play legally. The Washington Post insists it is already legal in some sense.

Improving your set up

Here’s the thing about online poker: You can be anywhere in the world, as you play. So, it can’t hurt to upgrade your poker room to feel as comfortable as possible. Purchase a top-quality monitor to magnify the poker spread and make it easier to view for hours on end. As our Humour Touch post explains, the right resolution will keep you attentive and make the experience more enjoyable, ultimately making it easier to focus on long games and tournaments. Also, if your back is hurting, you’re more likely to make rash decisions out of impatience and discomfort. Make sure to pick up a top of the range ergonomic swivel chair.

Picking on the weakest links

This may sound a little mean, but we’re here to win, aren’t we? While networking with players, it’ll serve you well to remember which of them have a weak game, so that you can tag along and win big from them. After all, they’ll be losing anyway, so why not to you? And you can always take them out for occasional drinks with some of the money you win. Of course, these weak players don’t have to come from your friends – but it stands to reason that you’ll win most of your money against weak players. Check if they’re bluffing too often or playing too sincerely.

Leave your ego at the door

This is one of the best tips to make you better at online poker. It works just as well for real poker too, because taking oneself less seriously and shelving that ego is paramount to winning. Who cares if a bunch of online avatars occasionally get the best of you through bluffing? You can’t let that get in your head, and must continue to play the cards as you see them, with a fresh and objective mind.