What is the Perfect Screen Resolution You Should Choose for Gaming?


You might always think that the current console you are using is going to give you the best visual experience. But is it technically true that you are getting the best? Monitors can have staggering visuals at times and that might be a heavy lift for you. Find the best visual resolution to improve the experience. If you are new to the term, here is our guide to help you inside out.

What is the Resolution?

Resolution is a term that monitors with great displays advertise the most. This is the ability that sets the number of pixels on your monitor or a TV screen. This measure is going to help you settle for the best. The more pixels a monitor has, the sharper and clearer will the displayed image be. A game will be able to display a lot of pixels when a smaller resolution holds it back. Check out to know the most common types of monitor resolutions.

1920×1080- FHD/1080p

This is perhaps the most common gaming resolution gamers get their hands upon. This has always been the classic choice. The visuals attained from these resolutions are clear, concise, and very crisp. The player gets immersed in whatever they are playing. This type of resolution is the industry standard today and most of the box laptops and TVs utilize this. The overall result of this type is a total of 2,073,600 pixels on the monitor.

2560×1440- QHD/2K 1440p

This is a very significant setup. This gives impressive visuals without frying your computer. This is a great middle-ground solution if your seriousness towards gaming is moderate. This doesn’t break your bank or your system.

3840×2160- UHD/4K 2160p

This surrounds 4K gaming experience. This is the future of displays and sooner or later most of the visuals are going to adopt this. This is yet a challenge today. It is not a worthy investment for you if you are into non-serious gaming. They are expensive and can take a toll on your system.

7680×4320- FUHD/8K 4320p

This is the king of all that not many can reach up to. This is a very limited option and available quite scantily. It is an impressive solution that is mythologically true.

4K gaming monitors are the future now. Just delve deep into ideal monitor experiences to take your experience to a newer height.