Five Reasons to Seek Additional Business Fund


If you have a growing business, this means you have clients and are moving in the right direction. However, to main this growth, you cannot stop where you are. You want to have a plan for continual growth. And for this, you need working capital. As a business owner, you must understand the reason you may need extra business funding and when you should look for a lender. The following are some reasons you may need additional business fund:

Low or Negative Cash Flow

Effective cash flow management is important to the success of your business. Poor planning can result in negative cash flow. If your business needs to stock up on its inventory at certain times during the year, it may need to spend more cash than is available at times. Also, your business may deal with a negative cash flow due to different business cycles or seasonal fluctuations. No matter, the reason, negative cash flow can seriously affect your business. You can use Accord Financial business loans to assist you in properly managing your cash flow, particularly during your growth periods. 

Payroll Issues

Running into payroll problems can be quite stressful. But, if you stop paying your employees, they will stop coming to work. Thus, rather than trying to make ends meet or miss payroll deadlines, consider available financing options. Taking out a loan can make sure your current employees are paid or perhaps help you hire more.

Declining Product or Service Quality

It might be tempting to save money on materials, labor, and other operational costs; however, customers can identify a quality decline. Instead, it is best to apply for a business loan that you can use to maintain the quality of your offerings, without risking your finances to do so. 


To stay competitive, your business must embrace innovation. As a small business owner, you must have the capability to compete in the marketplace that is filled with more established and bigger businesses. Depending on your type of business, innovation may be in terms of research and development, new product or service creation, or technology. Because innovation is vital to your business growth, you want to fund it accordingly. 

Equipment Repair or Replacement Needs

Sometimes, an expensive piece of equipment may break, affecting your operations. Access to additional financing would make it possible for you to get your equipment fixed or replaced, ensuring you can get back to business in no time.