Maintenance and Care Tips for Ceramic Braces


A lot of people in North Carolina have chosen ceramic braces to correct the misalignment of teeth because they are a discreet alternative to traditional braces. But, it becomes pretty vital for you, if you have ceramic braces, to provide proper care and maintenance to make sure those braces remain effective and safeguard them from getting damaged.

You can always go to an orthodontist in Morrisville, NC, to get proper treatment based on your specific needs. Now, we are going to discuss some tips to maintain and care for ceramic braces.

  • Regular oral hygiene

Regular oral hygiene is vital when wearing ceramic braces. Brushing after having a meal and regular flossing is needed to remove food particles and plaque that accumulate around the teeth and braces. Use a brush that has soft bristles with fluoride-based toothpaste to avoid scratching ceramic brackets.

  • Avoid some foods

Some foods can damage ceramic braces or get stuck, which may lead to decay and discoloration. Avoid crunchy, rigid, or sticky foods like nuts, chewing gums, popcorn, and hard candies. Such foods can cause stains, loosen brackets, and bend wires.

  • Be conscious of drinks.

Some drinks like coffee, dark-colored sodas, tea, and red wine can stain the clear elastic ties, keeping the wires in place. You need to limit your consumption of such drinks or use a straw every time you drink to reduce contact with your braces. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after having such beverages to minimize the risk of discoloration.

  • Protect your braces during physical activities.

If you take part in activities and sports where there is a risk of impact to your face, equip a mouthguard for the protection of your teeth and braces. Mouthguards can safeguard wires from bending and brackets from breaking, minimizing the probability of paying emergency visits to an orthodontist.

  • Use orthodontic wax

If braces are rubbing against the cheeks or lips or causing irritation, use orthodontic wax on the wires or brackets causing it. Orthodontic wax can eliminate discomfort by providing a smooth surface until you visit an orthodontist for needed adjustments.

  • Handle with care

Be gentle when cleaning your ceramic braces, and do not roughly handle them to avoid causing damage. Resist using teeth to open packages and avoid biting rigid substances because this will put unnecessary pressure on the wires and brackets.

Need for an orthodontist.

You need to visit your orthodontist for regular check-ups for monitoring purposes to make sure that your treatment process is going as planned and make adjustments, if required, as per the conditional needs. Appointments with an orthodontist also give you an opportunity to address your concerns or discuss any discomfort that you may be experiencing.