Jersey Design: An Artistic Revival Of Clothes


To define, Jersey is a fabric material that was originally produced and made out of wool but gradually the manufacturing process evolved into cotton and synthetic fibers as well. Jerseys were usually used for several items of clothing and household works. To go back in history, jerseys were usually worn by men and fishermen only.

Nowadays jerseys are used as a source of clothing and household items such as t-shirts, sweats, bedsheets, sportswear, and undies. In today’s world, jerseys have a wide relevance and popularity across the world, especially in the sporting and fashion world.

With the fast and rapidly growing technology, now one can design and customize their jersey according to their wish and suitability. There are a large number of websites and companies such as Desain design that offer customizable, creative, and artistic designs for the jerseys according to the customers.

Importance Of Jersey Design In The World Of Sports

Jersey design [desain jersey, which is the term in Indonedian] especially customized has huge importance in sports and athleisure wear because of the following reasons:

  • A concrete symbol for a sports team
  • Unify and strengthen the team
  • Legacy of the sporting team
  • Easy to identify
  • Adds value and power for every sporting team

Designing A Jersey

It is an important, exciting, and extremely creative task to design a jersey for sporting events that requires a few steps. The jersey of a sports team is the ultimate identity that makes a team stand out and keep up the legacy of the team.

Here is the list of steps that is important while designing a jersey. They are as follow:

·       Design

Researching about trendiest and latest designs is the first and important step while designing a jersey for the team. The best way to have an innovative and unique design is to go through several other designs on the internet and create the best out of them.

·       Teams’ Objective And Tradition

One should keep in mind while designing a jersey for a sporting team, their traditions that represent their purpose or relevant to the name of the team.

·       Ideas From Others

Although designing a jersey is an open canvas for a designer, it is preferable to discuss the drawn-out design of the jersey with the team members to get an insight into what they desire.

·       Final Touch

After the discussion with team members, the final touch of adding logos and symbols works like wonder in designing a jersey which Desain designs excel in.