What is the Average Cost of a Wedding Today?


There are multiple weddings that occur daily around the world as the joining of a man and woman in matrimony is one of the most joyous occasions on earth. Many wonder what the cost of the average wedding is when planning and we have created this guide to answer that question. If you hope to get married soon, we have curated some of the most important aspects of a wedding and calculated the average cost for you.

Wedding Catering

What is a celebration without food? The catering per matrimonio prezzi costs usually vary depending on the size of the guest list. Before you calculate the cost you should finalize on your list. For a 100 guests, the food will cost around $70 per person while the cake will be around $500-$600. If you plan on having a rehearsal dinner, it will set you back about $1297.

Rings and Attire

The ring to seal the occasion and the right attire are key at your wedding. Bridal gowns cost about $1600 while groom suits are around $400. The price of rings depends on the type, engravings and other extras and could cost from $2000 upwards (there are more affordable rings if this is over your budget). Although these will be bought weeks before the wedding ceremony, it is added to the cost of your wedding.


Entertainer is the life of any party and a wedding is definitely a party. A typical reception band will cost around $3500 while a DJ will cost you from $1200 depending on their popularity and quality the price could be more. Ceremony musicians are a bit on the lower side as they cost between $700-$900.


Photography, event planning, videography and an officiator will be needed to make your event dazzle. Photography services usually cost around $2500 while your event planner may charge you $2000. Videography services cost about $2100 while an officiant will cost you $300. These prices vary depending on the number of guests, state, and the size of your wedding venue.


Typically, the average cost of a wedding is pegged at around $30,000 although this is for an above moderate wedding. If you plan to get married soon, you should take these numbers into consideration although prices may vary depending on vendors or your local market. As a tip, ensure you get your needs long before the wedding date as it will give you more time to shop for the best deals.