How Many Varieties of Jasmine Flowers Are There?



As a symbol of heavenly hope, good luck, and optimism, jasmine has deep spiritual importance in Indian culture. In addition, the jasmine blossom, in its many forms, has been designated as the national flower of several nations, where it is believed to symbolize loyalty to one’s country and its people. Jasmine is a flower that is loved by everyone. You can impress your dear ones with a gorgeous bouquet from florist delivery kl.

Which Varieties of Jasmine Do We Have?

  • Jasmine, the Flower of the Winter Season

The winter jasmine, or Jasminum nudiflorum, may grow to be a 4-foot-wide and 7-foot-tall shrub. Unlike other types of jasmine, which typically feature white blossoms, the winter jasmine variety has vivid yellow petals. Yet, there is little to no scent from these jasmines. Popular in the off-season, winter jasmine blooms in the dead of winter to provide color to the landscape when nothing else is. This kind of jasmine does well when trained over trellises or arches and along wall edges. Having it grow in big areas along borders and slopes may also help prevent soil erosion.

  • The Star Jasmine

As its scientific name, Trachelospermum jasminodes suggests, Star Jasmine is best used as a ground cover due to its low stature (no more than 20 inches) and thick leaves. From spring through early summer, it blooms with lovely white flowers.

  • Garden jasmine

This kind of jasmine has become the most popular in cultivation. It may be either semi-evergreen or deciduous, but either way, it’s a climbing vine that grows quickly. The blossoms on this plant are an ethereal white. White jasmine, summer jasmine, and poet’s jasmine are other names for this flower. The flowering of common jasmine often starts in late springtime and e way through the autumn. Each of the stunning flowers on this plant has five petals and blooms in dense clusters. Flowers of a delicate white hue, measuring around 1″ (2.5 cm) in diameter, bloom in bunches here.

  • Stunning jasmine

This gorgeous yellow variant is a departure from the usual white. These blossoms may be found on a quick-developing shrub that can go as tall as four feet. All jasmine plants, including the beautiful blossoms, need to be in direct sunlight. Flowers of this kind may bloom at any time between spring and summer.

  • Night blossoming jasmine

They belong to the family of nightshades. This flowering shrub blooms from spring through autumn and has simple, oval leaves, clusters of tiny, white flowers, and gorgeous green foliage. Jasmine, which blooms at night, prefers bright, sunny locations with good drainage. The fragrance of this flower is particularly strong in the evening. Its pungent scent might trigger serious allergic reactions in certain people. The leaves are between 4 and 8 inches in length and are lustrous and silky. This jasmine is low maintenance overall but needs little additional love and warmth in the winter.

Jasmine is a beautiful flower to send to your loved ones or your elders. One of the easy ways to buy a jasmine bouquet for someone at their doorstep is by ordering online from florist PJ.