How to complete your amazon seller account verification?


Amazon is a major online shopping platform with billions of customers on 19 different marketplaces across the world. Not only does Amazon have its own line of first-party products, but it also works with over 6 million third-party vendors. Aspiring entrepreneurs have looked to Amazon as a method to start a thriving firm in 2022, thanks to the current ecommerce boom. It is important to know about how to sign up for amazon fba

As a result, Amazon requires all vendors to go through a rigorous verification procedure in order to safeguard both their sellers and their customers. Amazon is relying on old-fashioned snail mail to verify that the sellers on its marketplace live where they claim to. Amazon is now ensuring that third-party sellers’ addresses are real and accurate, after asking them to make their business names and addresses public in September. The current Amazon seller account verification process was implemented between 2016 and 2017, with the main difference being that a seller must now provide two forms of identification to be cleared to sell on the marketplace.

The verification process on Amazon exists for three primary reasons:

  • Customers are being protected from “bad actors” that are simply interested in making a profit rather than providing high-quality products and a positive consumer experience.
  • Protecting vendors from unscrupulous “black hat” sellers who use unethical sales practices
  • Counterfeiting, money laundering, and other illegal activities are prohibited on Amazon’s marketplace.

What is the procedure for verification?

First, Amazon will contact a seller to advise them that their business address has to be verified. On an internal seller site called Seller Central, merchants examine and confirm their business address. After then, Amazon sends out a postcard to vendors, which takes a few days to arrive.

The seller has 60 days to double-check their address. Amazon has threatened to remove payments from merchants’ accounts if they do not comply. Any accounts found to have an illegitimate address will be blocked by Amazon. In the event that a seller’s postcard is lost in the mail, Amazon will allow them to request a replacement be sent to their address.

For Two-Step Verification, you may be asked to input a unique security code in addition to your password during registration. When you log into your account, this process adds an extra degree of security. This request is most commonly seen on untrustworthy computers and devices. When login in, some devices and apps may not prompt you for a unique security code. Even if you use the right password, you may get an error. The problem can be fixed by using an Alternate Sign-in method.

To use Alternate Sign-In for Two-Step Verification, follow these steps:

  • Click Submit after entering your sign-in credentials.
  • An error notice will appear, stating that your email and password combination is wrong.
  • A security code will be sent to you through text message, voice call, or authenticator app.
  • Click Submit after entering the security code at the end of your account password. For example, if your password is “abcdef” and the security code is “12345,” your password should be “abcdef12345.”