Is VPS Or Shared Hosting Right For Your WordPress Business Website?


Every hosting provider offers a shared plan, which is the cheapest and most popular. Businesses start with a shared plan and then look to upgrade as their needs for resources grow. 

Shared plan pros and cons

The appealing advantage is the cost. A shared plan means you rent a space on a server that houses lots of other websites. You will be competing for the server resources like speed and bandwidth. There is also the security dilemma because if a single website gets hacked then your site gets badly affected. In addition, if there is a neighboring website involved in bad hat techniques or illegal activities then also your site’s SEO will get affected negatively as the IP address is shared. 

It is better to start with VPS hosting plan or upgrade from shared to VPS because you can reap the benefits of a dedicated server at low rates. 

What is VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Server or VPS plan means you share server space with multiple websites, but the server is layered with several virtual environments. It means your website resides on an isolated virtual server controlling its allocated server resources without any fear of downtime, SEO damage, or security risks. 


  • Affordable and cheaper than a dedicated hosting plan.
  • Isolated hosting environment, so performance is well-maintained.
  • Lower security risks
  • Customizes the server to fulfill your business needs.
  • Scalability involves increasing or decreasing allocated resources whenever needed.


  • VPS is more costly than a shared hosting plan.
  • There are defined limits for storage & RAM.
  • More technical knowledge is needed to adjust the server and maintain it efficiently.

VPS has plenty to offer, but there are some things to consider for determining if it is the right solution for your WordPress business website.

Is VPS hosting an ideal solution or not?

If you are experiencing one or more of these mentioned situations then it is a wise choice to upgrade to a VPS hosting plan. 

  • You are capable to increase your monthly web hosting budget a little.
  • Your website is using more server resources than the shared plan can handle.
  • Your website traffic is increasing.
  • Your website traffic levels are erratic, so you need a solution to scale hosting needs up & down now and then.
  • You wish to customize the hosting server and learn server management. 

VPS is a mid-solution in terms of affordable scaling, security, and better performance than a shared plan. It is a perfect solution for production & development environments because it can house several software and websites while still offering great performance. 

If you already have a WP hosting provider then it is easy to upgrade to a VPS plan rather than swapping to another service. If the existing hosting service does not offer VPS then look for a service with a solid reputation, WordPress skills, and lots of flexibility in their plan. 

The chosen hosting plan kind can make a huge difference in website growth potential and performance. VPS hosting is not ideal for every website but is a solid alternative for multiple WordPress users.