Use of Rubber In Footwear: What Should You Know?


You have to do plenty of movements for daily activities like walking, running, standing, etc. These activities put a lot of bodyweight on our feet, and that is where investing in a pair of high-quality shoes makes sense.

While you have to take daily care of your shoes to ensure durability, the material also plays a key role here. 

Of all the shoes, rubber-made shoes are found to be highly beneficial. One example is the Yeezy Foam Runners Sand, with a rubber outsole. The smooth and flexible rubber technology used in these shoes allows them to provide excellent cushioning to the user’s feet. Here we discuss some essential points you must know about rubber in footwear.

What Are the Different Types of Rubber Soles?

To keep in mind, not every rubber variety is used for making soles. Depending on the type of shoes and the brand you choose, there are some different types of rubber used in shoe soles.

  • Resin rubber: While this rubber sole is hard-wearing and waterproof, you may feel tricky while walking on a hard surface.
  • Crepe rubber: Soles made of crepe rubber are flexible, lightweight, and hard-wearing. 
  • PVC: PVC soles are also flexible and cheap. However, they can develop cracks with time and can be slippery.
  • Polyurethane: One of the most common varieties of rubber used in shoes, polyurethane is hard-wearing, lightweight, and provides sufficient resistance to slipping.
  • Gristle rubber: Because of their robust quality, gristle rubber soles are ideal for use in industrial shoes.

The Yeezy Foam Runners Sand from Adidas is made entirely from a rubber material and is highly durable. 

Why Are Rubber Soles Beneficial?

Rubber sole shoes are used for the following crucial reasons.

  • Protection from falling objects: Rubber shoes offer adequate protection from injuries from fallen objects. For this reason, workers in construction projects, mines, and manufacturing industries choose to wear these shoes. Accidents are common in these environments, but they do not need to worry about these things with high-quality rubber shoes on their feet.
  • Protection from falls and slips: Wet and muddy conditions are also common in the mining and construction industries. But rubber footwears have specialized soles that are slip-resistant.
  • No fatigue: Like the specific Adidas model we have mentioned here, many rubber-made shoes from top manufacturing brands offer the highest comfort level for long hours. So, wearing them will never make you tired, and you can work more.
  • Protection from burns: When you work in a factory or laboratory, you have to handle chemicals and acids flammable substances. But, rubber safety footwear offers sufficient protection against these dangerous chemicals. 

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