5 Benefits Using Of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


Accelerated mobile page (AMP) is an excellent and appreciated global initiative that many reputed companies like BBC, Twitter, Adobe, etc. have accessed to improve the speed and performance of mobile websites. AMP launched a coding language called ‘AMP HTML’ that monitors code to increase page loading speed.

Now you might be wondering why your website needs this new technology? How can AMP benefit your business online performance? Well, SEO specialist Singapore suggests AMP as an essential in today’s time when users demand mobile-friendly websites.

To understand the concept of AMP a bit more, let us explore the top 5 benefits of the AMP system that can help you improve your website performance.

1. Faster loading page for mobile users

Users always avoid entering websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Most users just go back and click on another website URL. This is a huge loss for your website.

AMP helps to correct the problem that makes the loading speed reduce and increases the page loading speed. Thus more users click on the website and eventually the conversion rate goes up.

2. Lower Bounce Rate and Higher Average Time On-Site

As the page loading speed is improved, the bounce rate is likely to drop. The audience can swiftly browse through your website and can navigate the maximum pages of the website in a short time. Thus they tend to spend more time on each page when the page loading speed goes up. This helps in both on-page and off-page SEO.

3. The Potential for Increased Ad Views

The AMP HTML coding helps to improve the quality and usability of images, graphics, etc. This means advertisements can be shown seamlessly and the viewability of the advertisements would increase substantially. When more ads are viewed, this provides the opportunity to monetize the site.

SEO specialist Singapore uses AMP to boost revenues on the AMP pages. Many have got such benefits using AMP.

4. AMP Visitor Analytics

AMP allows you to get a detailed view and idea about the visitors to your website. The visitor track data helps you to get an insight into your performance and predict the behavior of the audience.

AMP assists you by giving information regarding conversion rate, click rates, visitor counts, video clicks, link tracking, and many more. These analytics help you to improve your performance.

5. Increase in Traffic and SEO Ranking

Needless to say that AMP targets to improve the rank of your website. It develops the mobile-friendliness of your websites, boosts the page loading speed, enhances the usability and ads, and provides an opportunity to monetize, and improves the user experience. All these factors work together to increase website traffic as well as rise the rank on SERP.

AMP helps to improve the overall performance of your website and invites more audience to the website. It impacts the SERP rank too and provides tools to analyze the website’s day-to-day performance. Therefore, using AMP is a positive addition to the world of digital marketing that makes the task a bit easier.