Keep in Mind A Few Things While Buying A Fitness Tracker


Over the last few years, with the advent of various new technologies, many different new trackers are available on the market, which can help us to monitor whatever physical exercises we do to improve our physique.

Smartfit super HD watch for Huawei is also another fitness tracker supplied by Huawei Consumer BG, who is one of the market leaders of various devices based on the latest technology.

These days all these trackers are no more a luxury but it has become a part of necessities for people who are interested to maintain their fitness level to a very high standard.

However, when you buy any such devices from the market, you must avoid committing the following mistakes.

  • Selecting a wrong tracker

You must remember all trackers may not be the same. Selecting the wrong tracker can totally sabotage all your results. Therefore, before buying your tracker, you must ensure it is the right one for the kind of physical activities that you want to monitor.

  • Selecting a tracker that does not match with your Apps

If your tracker is not perfectly in sync with your other devices and apps then you will fail to see the big picture as far as your overall health is concerned.

To obtain the maximum benefits, try to sync up and also consolidate your entire info so that you can check how your sleep and nutrition are connected to your workout.

  • Wearing it on your wrong hand

If you wear your band on the dominant wrist then you may get an overestimated step count because you usually move your dominant (right for many) hands more frequently while your feet may not be moving.

Hence, your device may miscalculate your excessive movement and offer wrong results.

  • Forgetting to charge your device

It is important to keep the batteries fully charged on your devices otherwise you may get confusing results that may be misleading. Keep a portable charger with you to keep it fully charged.

  • Not updating your data

Ensure that your tracker will know about your progress and regularly update your statistics about weight loss or gain, diet changes, PR records, otherwise your tracker cannot keep an accurate log regarding your results and goals.

  • Wearing your tracker too loosely

Make sure that your tracker securely fits on your wrist. In case, your fitness band remains loosely fit around your wrist then, you may get all false readings. A loose-fitting one can prevent the sensors to work correctly,

  • Not sharing your statistics

It is important to share your statistics about your workout and also various achievements with others that can compare your achievements and can also be motivating for you.

  • Wearing trackers while inside the pool

Few handfuls of trackers are supposed to be waterproof that can often be used for tracking the performance during swimming.

However, quite a few such trackers may offer a few more options that will provide resistance against water, dust, and sweat. However, many of them may be good enough while using under the shower or while it is raining. They may not be ideal while diving inside the pool.