The States and Cities with Maximum and Minimum Numbers of Luxury Car Reservation


The United States is a huge market for luxury cars. With great city infrastructure, roadways, freeways, maximum speed limit of more than 80 mph, and a large population of businessmen, people here enjoy the best exotic cars. Some people have a passion for collecting luxury cars and filling up their garages.

These luxury cars are the best in all respect. They have the best tires, mileage, fuel consumption, features, space, etc. This makes driving fun and exciting. There are very few cities in the USA that are known for luxury cars, like New York, but that doesn’t mean if you’re staying in a different city you ant buy a car from another city. If you have all papers and documents prepared you can get your car shipped nationwide.

Ship a Car, Inc. provides transport service for exotic cars in all 50 states in the US. Their staff and shippers are well trained with road rules that keep your luxury cars safe in their hands. The company has received 5-star ratings from sites like transport Reviews, Customer Lobby, BBB, and Google.

There are great cities to drive these luxury cars, but only a few cities have the highest number of luxury cars. Together we have gathered information of all cities that have the highest and lowest numbers of luxury cars.

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States with Highest Number of Luxury Cars


  • California is the home for celebrities, sports teams, and businessmen, so there is no doubt that you will see lines of luxury cars on the roads.
  • Florida may be smaller than California, but cities like Miami make it an international hotspot. You will find a huge number of colorful supercars driving on the road.
  • Texas is known for various car driving events like RATX, Houston Coffee and Cars, and Park Up Front where you can see all luxury cars gathering up. Texas is a growing community of supercars.
  • New York should be Number 1 on the list as it has the largest population of luxury and exotic cars.  Whether you’re driving in NYC or outside you will see various colorful exotic cars of celebrities and businessmen from Wall Street.
  • Nevada is known for Las Vegas, which is known for casinos, mansions, and canyon roads. You will find all roads full of supercars because even tourists drive luxury cars in the rental.

Cities with Lowest Luxury Cars

  • In Pittsburgh, only 5.4% of the population uses luxury cars. The most common car used in the city is Audi.
  • Cleveland has 4.6% of drivers using supercars.
  • Buffalo is the second-largest city in New York State still you will find only 3.7% of people using luxury cars. Although it was the first city to introduce brass cars, they are lagging behind supercars.
  • Minneapolis has 3.5% of drivers using supercars. Cadillac is the most common car that is reserved by drivers and it is three times more in demand than Los Angeles.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio has 3% of drivers using luxury cars. This makes it the last city on the list for reserving supercars.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the automotive industry in the US has been hugely impacted. Report says that car sales have dipped by 30%. Still, there has been a rise in the sales of used cars. This forces the luxury car dealers to perform better than normal days.