Always Winterize Your Evaporative Cooler


The very last thing you think about when the temperature is cool is whether your swamp cooler is in optimum condition. If the weather is cold, then heating the home is the last of your worries. However, the cool season is bound to end, and when it does, you will be turning to your portable evaporative cooler. A time is coming when the evaporative cooler will break down. However, you can prevent this for a long time by preparing your evaporative cooler for winter. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cold right now; winterizing your evaporative cooler will ensure it serves you much longer. It can save you lots of funds in repairs and replacements; below is how to winterize your evaporative cooler.

Turn off the Power Supply

The first thing to do to prepare your portable evaporative cooler for the winter season is to turn the power supply off. You don’t want it on while you’re draining the water out or cleaning it. It will prevent the evaporative cooler from getting turned on accidentally in the winter months. Turn it off once it’s winter, and you can turn it back on when it’s springtime.

Turn off the Water Supply

The water supply is usually what keeps the cooling pads wet when the evaporative cooler is working. When it is no longer needed, you need to turn the water supply off. Also, remove the hose connecting the valve and air conditioner and dry it out. If there’s residual water, get rid of it and store the hose in a safe, dry place. Failure to dry out the hose could cause the water inside to freeze and burst.

Drain the Evaporative Cooler

If there’s standing water inside your portable evaporative cooler, you should get rid of it. You can do this in two varying ways. Firstly, you can open the drain at the swamp cooler’s bottom with a pair of pliers. Secondly, you can use a small container to bail out the water. Once you’ve successfully gotten rid of most of the water, you can use rags or sponges to get rid of the rest. This process helps you prevent corrosion or rust in the evaporative cooler.

Clean out the Evaporative Cooler

If there’s a residual mineral in your evaporative cooler, you need to clean it out. You can use a sponge and white vinegar or a shop-vac to get it done. If you have disposable pads that need to be replaced, you can save them and replace them at the beginning of winter. However, your top-quality pads need to be dried out and brushed before you cover the portable evaporative cooler up for the winter.