The Only Panel Binds Guide You’ll Ever Need


Once upon a time, the only options for covering a large window or sliding glass door were vertical blinds or curtains. To their credit, a vast array of performance fabrics and cutting-edge materials have significantly enhanced these vertical window solutions. While these categories have come a long way in terms of function and design, for large picture windows and wide windowed doors, panel track blinds are the only option that can effectively cover such a large area. Panel tracks are simple to operate, effective at controlling light, and offer much-needed privacy.


Panel blinds are most commonly used as window treatments for sliding glass doors, patio doors, and French doors. Similarly to windows, doors come in a variety of sizes, and by selecting a custom width and height, you can easily obtain the ideal amount of coverage. Panel track blinds, which are typically installed as wall mounts, can open from either side of the center, providing multiple layout options for various door types and room layouts.

Numerous windows

In addition to covering doors with windows, panel track blinds can be used to cover oversize picture windows. A blind with an inside mount will fit perfectly within the window frame. Alternatively, if you don’t want to lose a single millimeter of your field of view, choose an outside mount. By accounting for the additional width required for the stack of panels to completely clear the window when opened, these breathtaking views can remain unobstructed.

Room Divider

Panel tracks can be mounted on the ceiling to serve as a versatile room divider, in addition to their use for doors and windows. The panels glide back and forth effortlessly on a track to create a functional space partition. Translucent material will create a sense of openness while the panels continue to function as dividers. A woven wood material or a heavier fabric will increase privacy and the sense of separation.

Closet Doors

Another application for panel track blinds is as a substitute for closet doors. In addition to providing coverage, they add color and texture to a utilitarian space. Hallway closets containing washing machines and dryers, as well as closets in bedrooms, home offices, and playrooms, offer the chance to replace unsightly or broken heavy wooden closet doors with sleek, lightweight panels.

Most panel track materials are offered as Roman, roller, and woven wood shades. Fabrics that coordinate across product lines make it easy to unify a room’s window treatments. Solar materials are ideal for glare-promoting windows. The solar screen fabric will significantly reduce UV rays while preserving an outside view. Today, woven wood materials are particularly popular, and for good reason. They bring a fresh style and organic warmth to interiors because they are made from natural materials. They are perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms because they are both attractive and durable. A panel track made of soft fabric will provide the appearance and functionality of draperies. Create an elegant look throughout your rooms by incorporating Roman and/or roller shades that cover smaller windows.

Although we all appreciate a beautiful view, we do not always wish to be the view. Covering your largest windows with panel track blinds helps to create a functional, unified, and well-designed home.