Peculiarities of investing in Greece property


Investing in real estate in Greece is a profitable investment. The cost of both residential and commercial properties here is an order of magnitude lower than in other European countries. To make the offer even more attractive, the country’s government has reduced the tax rate on sales transactions to 3%. In fact, you can buy luxury real estate in Athens without overpayments.

Property for rent

But in any case, buying a home will bring you not just misfortunes, in light of the fact that in this way you have the open door not exclusively to have an agreeable rest with the most minimal monetary expenses yet additionally to get a steady recurring, automated revenue. If you won’t go to Greece consistently, it is quite possible to rent out your housing for almost the whole year. In this case, it is even more convenient to buy an apartment since the cost of buying and maintaining it is minimal, and you can rent it out even to local residents.

By and large, you can hope to get a net gain of 7-10% of its worth during the year. In like manner, your buy will completely take care of in somewhat more than 10 years of consistent rental.

Nuances and features

And yet, the acquisition of land in Greece, as well as villas in Kassandra Halkidiki, must be approached very responsibly. This should be a balanced and deliberate step, preceded by a long investigation of data from different sources, principally particular magazines, as well as different topical destinations and discussions on the Internet, and, obviously, it is important to talk with an expert legal counselor. This multitude of safety measures can keep you from many errors and inconveniences and will assist you in buying exactly what is most consistent with your ideas about the ideal home.