Parts of a Portable Cooler


In the cooler, water evaporates as it warms the air by absorbing heat from the surrounding air. That results in an air cooler fan, which is also called swamp coolers. Air is cooled using this portable air cooler through evaporation. A mixture of cold air and water molecules forms when cool water evaporates into the air. It is necessary to transport heat through the water molecules to achieve this change, which results in a cooling effect at a spot.

It is easier to maintain and repair your cooler if you know about the various parts of the appliance. Following is a brief description of how an evaporative cooler works. While some appliances will need to be serviced frequently, others may last the lifetime of the appliance. It depends greatly on maintenance.

Water Pump

An evaporative cooler uses a water pump to transfer water from the pan to the distribution tubing and then onto the pads. As the air is cooled through the evaporation of water from the pads, a problematic pump may be responsible for a dry pad. 

The float valves

Float valves in the air cooler fan regulate the water level. Float balls and cups in toilet tanks work in much the same way. The water level is controlled by the float valve, which pops up and down with the level. When the pan fills to the specified level, the lever shuts off the water supply. 


V-belts are long-lasting and durable drive belts. Evaporative coolers benefit from their ease of use and minimal slippage in the pulleys, making them an attractive choice. In addition to stretching and becoming loose in the pulleys, the V-belt will eventually wear out. A straight V-belt is also crucial to working efficiently.

The motor pulley

The motor pulley and the blower pulley are located at either end of the drive belt of an evaporative cooler. When the pulleys go bad, the Allen screws that hold them can be removed to enable replacement. 

The blower pulley

A cooler that uses evaporation also has a blower pulley located lower on the unit, aligned with the blower shaft. To ensure that the swamp cooler works properly, the blower pulley also needs to be the appropriate size.

An evaporative pad

The fan blows air through the pads, where the water delivered by the water pump vaporizes under the influence of the air supplied by the water pumped through the pads. Evaporative cooler pads are available in many types, including foamed polyester, slit expanded paper and wood strips. In general, wood strips make the cheapest and most common cooler pads.