How To Know When To Reupholster Sofa?


Choosing to Reupholster sofa usually has nothing to do with the money you’d spend or with the money you’d save. Even though the financial side of reupholstering is important, emotional and physical points matter, too. Perhaps the sofa has been in the family for decades. Maybe you’ve owned it since your marriage. Or maybe you love its style or can’t find it anywhere. Sometimes, the memories associated with that piece of the sofa make you convince to reupholster it. There are many special things about this sofa that you don’t want to throw it.

Whether it’s the fact the sofa is of antique quality, whether it’s the sentimental value, or simply because of its durability, you can’t reupholster sofa if it shows signs of wear.

By looking at the following tips, you can see its time to reupholster sofa;

  • Age

How old your sofa is? Determining its age is very important. The sofa that has been constructed in the past 10 years is not durable enough to reupholster. It may only have just a couple of years left in it. However, if your sofa has been in use for over 10 years and still sounds structural, it must be a well-crafted piece of furniture.

  • Craftsmanship

To know whether it’s time to reupholster sofa is to shake it by each arm and the back. If the sofa feels loose or unsteady, it’s not ready enough to reupholster. However, if it feels solid and sturdy, it is most likely to survive for many years

  • The Frame

One of the best ways to determine the worth of the sofa is to check the frame’s quality. It must be of solid hardwood with no knots. If you can’t see the sofa frame, check the weight of each sofa. Remove the cushions and lift each piece of the sofa. If it feels enough heavy, then it is likely made of quality wood. If it’s very easy to lift, then your sofa is not ready to reupholster.

  • The Springs

Another way to check the quality of the sofa is to examine its springs. Sofas made of coiled springs tied with twine are worth reupholstering. On the other hand, low-quality sofas usually have S-shaped coils running horizontally.

  • The Cushions

Don’t forget to feel the padded areas and cushions of the sofa. They should be firm. Sofas that are not worth reupholstering have typically soft and pliable cushions and padding.

  • Appeal

One of the most important considerations in determining whether to reupholster sofa is how much you like it and love it. Will you find the same sofa anywhere?

Finding the perfect sofa can be overwhelming as many factors need to be considered. For example, the shape and size of the sofa. If you can’t live without your beloved sofa, then make minor repairs and have it reupholstered.

Why Get Your Sofa Reupholstered?

Thinking to reupholster sofa? This means you are keeping it out of the landfill, making it an eco-conscious option. If it meets your needs—both in terms of design and space—then it is ready to reupholster!