Most Essential Details On Brownie Cakes


Teens like to organize their birthday parties. If so, then wow your guests with a super trendy brownie cake. Treat yourself to the most stylish birthday brownie cakes. Here are some ideas for beautiful designer brownie cakes that will earn you popularity points. If you know How to make brownies (วิธี ทำ บ ราว นี่, which is a term in Thai) then here are the options for you.

The 3d Themed Brownie Cake Design

If you have a particular passion or if you have heroic characters that you particularly appreciate, it is possible to bake a brownie cake in his image. We all already know the Snow Queen Brownie cakes, pirate brownie cakes or football or animal brownie cakes, etc. They are often reproduced for children’s brownie cakes. The 3D decorations are made using sugar paste or marzipan. For young book enthusiasts, for example, order a brownie cake with bookcases or three-dimensional books. And for Harry Potter fans, why not opt ​​for a “skin choice” brownie cake or one with the famous lightning bolt scar and a magic wand? All you need to know for it is How to make brownies.

The Number Brownie Cake

It is very trendy today. The Number Brownie cake representing age, and the letter Brownie cake with the initial of your first name can be decorated in infinite ways. The dough will be cut into the shape of a number or letter. The dough can be in sponge brownie cake or puff pastry according to your choice. It will be covered with a colored cream (mascarpone whipped cream, pastry cream, butter, whipped ganache) or with diplomat cream. Then, the pastry chef will use his imagination and his talent to decorate: with edible flowers, sweets, macaroons, sugar paste or marzipan, cookies, chocolate.

The Geometric Brownie Cake

This birthday brownie cake is relatively simple in shape. It is the way of decorating it that will make it spectacular. The pastry chef will decorate your brownie cake with various geometric shapes, squares, triangles, circles and ovals, puzzles, diamonds. Please put them in multicolored on a white background for a better effect. This decor is very modern and original. Sober and sophisticated, it will give a little more pep to your birthday decoration. Choosing How to make brownies is essential here.

Chalkboard Brownie Cake

Straight from the United States, Chalkboard Brownie cake means “slate board.” It is a brownie cake that is all black like a slate and on which you can write in white like what you would do with chalk. We use white edible felt or simply cream inserted in a pastry bag to make pretty drawings or write beautiful sentences on the brownie cake. The idea is to imitate the writing of a schoolboy. You can add a few ribbons or light-colored edible flowers for an even more spectacular look.

The Brushstroke Brownie Cake

This new decoration comes from England and will appeal to lovers of contemporary art and canvas paintings. The brownie cake will be white canvas painted with multicolored cream. This watercolor brownie cake is ideal for those who have the soul of an artist or who appreciate the painting. No need to become a Picasso or a Monet to create this brownie cake: you have to spot the brownie cake with cream all over the place.