Milky Lane lands in Perth!


Though a relatively small city, Perth has a decent nightlife influenced by American and British cities. The city has everything from holidays to beach clubs, the world’s biggest nightclubs, and historic pubs and bars in Australia. The party and the music continue through the weekend, and drinks are poured until dawn.

The nightlife scene in Elizabeth Quay, located on the north shore of Perth, is vibrant, and you can’t walk down any street without passing one. Whether you’re looking for massive mega-clubs and renowned live music hotspots, intimate themed bars, or LGBTQI-friendly venues.

A cherry on top, the city now has the ultimate hip hop utopia, Milky Lane, where guests can enjoy exquisite cuisine, wine, and entertainment. The decor here resembles an urban streetscape, especially with graffiti and murals on the walls. Moreover, the restaurant features a colourful mural, luxurious booths, a private dining area, and smaller tables for an intimate dining experience.

Over the past six years, Milky Lane has shaken up the hamburger scene and won admirers. This legendary establishment serves incredible cocktails along with tasty burgers and extravagant desserts. In addition to the popularity of food and drink, hip-hop music also plays a key role in the lifestyle. It’s home to a collection of contemporary art worth a glance, as well as live DJs who turn up late into the night to keep the dance floor hopping.

As far as chicken burgers go, the Chic Kanye burger is considered to be the best, the southern fried chicken is so crispy, and the maple bacon is to die for here in Milky Lane. Visitors love the seasoning of the chips because it adds to the visual appeal.

Besides the delicious food and cocktails here, the service is amazing! There’s always a friendly welcome for visitors, and the menu and drinks are always explained, while the staff is always willing to recommend great food and drinks to you.

Even better, there are gift cards available to express sweet gestures to your loved ones.

With the Milky Lane Restaurant in Perth, people can now cater to large groups for birthday parties, social gatherings, or any type of cultural event. It is possible to customise the venue, food, and beverages to your event, as well as add anything you think will enhance it.

We are also working on some exciting apparel for Milky Lane in Perth so you can show off your Milky Lane tees to your friends when in the venue. The apparel will be available for booking soon.

Milky Lane is the place for you if you love burgers and want something completely new and different, from unique cocktails to desserts. There is also the option of booking a table online so you can enjoy the best burger in Perth with your family and friends. So come soon!