Rubs And Spices Sold At BBQs 2u Can Make Grill Cooking Finger Licking Delicious


Barbequing is gaining more popularity in the UK than it has ever seen.Many people would want to barbeque nowadays but for some reason, they are not able to fit the same into their daily schedules finding barbequing a little messy and a thing of the holiday season.

However, Kamado grills right from the kettle-style to Big Joe have provided a reason for many to work with barbeques with much ease. BBQs 2u is their authorized seller in the UK and people can find various forms and sizes of grills at their stores. Their helpful staff and demonstrations make the struggle of finding a perfect grill much easier.

If you are a newbie to the barbeque world, or whether you are a pro at using the grills but have limited usability, there is a product for everyone. BBQs 2u’s goal is to deliver high-quality barbeque grills and accessories with a life-long commitment. Their showrooms are open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week for walk-in demonstrations and gaining grilling knowledge from experienced hands.

Kamado Joe BBQ provides a highly versatile cooking system. Its heat deflectors can convert a grill into a cooker. For a genuine 2-zone design, a divider can be used to create separate cooking zones for the meat and the vegetables. Some of the grills have a divide and conquer systems and half-rack designs to increase the cooking surface especially when one has to feed a large volume of guests at the same time.

Easy attachments can also convert the grill into a dome space where mouth-watering pizzas can be cooked on charcoal or wood fire. Its fuel efficiency is at par with the world’s best restaurant grills. As ceramic is used to make thick sidewalls, the grill maintains heat so efficiently that only a small amount of oxygen and charcoal is required to keep the fire going – ideal for long, slow cooking or dedicated grillers who cook throughout the winter season.

The temperature range for cooking on a Kamado grill can lie between broad ranges of 200 – 750°F. This allows the meat to receive the smoke flavors for extended lengths of time. Chickens can be roasted in the range of 350-450 while pizzas at 600 would deliver perfectly baked crusts.

For checking out more Napoleon barbeque varieties, Ooni pizza ovens, spice rubs for meats, and other innovative accessories click here to visit the official website of BBQs 2u. Garlic butter, Piri Piri spice, and BBQ sauce are mouth-watering and add a good amount of spice to the roast chickens.

Often charcoal lump wood and natural firelighters are given out for free based on the availability of stocks on their website, thus, providing the customers a chance to save some money on their big purchase of a Kamado grill.

BBQs 2u passionate family are also on Instagram and anyone who is a barbeque enthusiast can reach out to them to learn about various ways to play with smoke to impart more flavors to the food they cook on the Kamado grills and barbeques. Their Instagram page also gives free giveaways providing someone a chance to win a Kamado Joe kettle or other amazing accessories.