How to Plan Your First Time Camping Trip


There aren’t many other activities that immerse you in the great outdoors other than camping. All areas of the country have incredible campsites that you can visit. Camping is the perfect way to explore more of the country and its natural beauty.

Before you light your campfire, continue reading for suggestions on how to plan your first camping trip.

Time of Year

The time of year during which you are planning your first camping trip is an important consideration. Each season offers a different experience when camping in Walla Walla and other beautiful locations. Depending on what you and your traveling companions are hoping to experience, you need to time your camping trip to the season.

  • Fall trips will provide an array of fabulous colors as the leaves change color and share their beauty. With cooler nights, a campfire will provide fun and warmth for you.
  • Winter camping will showcase campsites in a whole different light. For those who enjoy outdoor winter activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling, camping in the winter can be a great option.
  • Spring camping trips let you enjoy the reawakening of nature. Experience the emergence of tree buds and flowers on your trip.
  • Hot summer days jumping into the lake or the campsite’s pool are alluring for many. At many campsites, water-based activities are plentiful. If you and your companions enjoy water skiing, boating, or sunning yourself, the summer might be best for you.

Type of Lodging

The type of lodging that you consider may depend on the time of year during which you plan to go camping. There are many more options than pitching a tent to enjoy your time exploring outside Walla Walla.

For first-time campers, cabins have many advantages. One benefit of camping in a cabin is that you do not need to have a tent or to pitch a tent. Each campsite that offers cabins as an option will also have different amenities. Some cabins will have bathrooms, beds, and electricity. Other cabins have kitchens, televisions, and internet availability.

First time campers should also explore renting an RV. Again, you don’t need a tent or the ability to pitch a tent. Many campsites have RV hookups available. With an RV, you can enjoy the benefits of being outdoors, but you also have your own bed, bathroom, and often a cooking area in the RV to enjoy.

Location of Campsite

Part of planning your first camping trip should include making a reservation for your campsite before you begin your trip. Location considerations will need to consider the time of year during which you want to camp. Not all campsites are open year-round. Explore the weather conditions at the campsites before you select one as well.

List the activities that you and your traveling companions would like to explore. If you want to go fishing, hiking, or biking, be sure that the campsite has those available for you. Think about other amenities that are important to you. If you want indoor showers, a pool, or laundry facilities, add these to your search criteria.

Enjoy your new experience!