7 Medan Specialties That Are a Pity to Miss


Source: www.indonesia.travel

Medan produces a lot of delicious food due to the many ethnic groups that inhabit the city of Medan.

While looking for delicious Medan culinary delights, many tourist attractions can be visited and taste the culinary offerings provided there. If you visit Medan, make sure you don’t forget to find out and taste the culinary specialties of Medan are very historic and appetizing.

  1. Gomak Noodles

It was named Mie Gomak because of the way it is served, which is stirred or held by hand. Although today, many are no longer grasped when serving it. Mie Gomak is also famous for Batak spaghetti because of its shape that resembles a stick, and is usually in the form of gravy or fried, and has a unique taste esp,ecially mixed with a special spice andaliman orange.

  1. Lontong Medan

Indonesia is famous for having some delicious lontong vegetables, one of which is Lontong Medan. Uniquely, this Medan Lontong uses shrimp and tauco in it, so the resulting taste is savory and delicious. The vegetables are varied, and there are pumpkin, jackfruit vegetables in yellow sauce, chayote, carrots, and long beans, also equipped with balado eggs, beef rendang, dried anchovy tempeh, and fried peanuts. Lontong Medan is very suitable as a breakfast menu, and the price starts from IDR 8,000 per serving.

  1. Saksang

This food is unique because it is made from minced pork, dog, or buffalo, seasoned with spices and coconut milk. Saksang is a typical Batak food that is usually served in Lapo. Lapo is a typical Batak food and drink shop. In additaksang is also often found at traditional weddings. The way to cook Saksang is also quite unique, and some use the blood of slaughtered animals (margota) or ordinary spices without blood (na so margota). It tastes savory and delicious, although it is not suitable for Muslims because it is not halal.

  1. Karo Roast Pork

As the name implies, this dish is made from roasted pork. This food is known as BPK or Karo Roast Pork. The difference between the Karo Roast Pork and the others is it’s amazing served, which is added with cassava leaves and kincong. In addition, there is also a sauce made from pig’s blood in its presentation. The Karo Roast Pork has a distinctive taste due to the presence of andaliman, a typical Batak spice. Karo Roast Pork is sold with prices starting from IDR 70,000 per serving.

  1. Duck Vermicelli

This one vermicelli is added topped with sliced ​​boiled duck meat and a sprinkling of fried garlic. The gravy comes from the broth from the duck stew. The aroma is so distinctive because the duck meat is slowly boiled with herbs, and the taste is savory and delicious. Especially if accompanied by pickles and cayenne pepper as a compliment. Duck vermicelli is sold starting from IDR 25,000 per portion.

  1. Soto Medan

Medan also has delicious soto dishes, and its uniqueness lies in its soto sauce. The thick yellow soto sauce and the spices used to add to the uniqueness of Soto Medan and are usually served with bean sprouts, shredded chicken, eggs, cakes, and lontong. Soto Medan is perfect for forcing when the atmosphere is cold, and the price starts from IDR 12,000 per portion.

  1. Mie Aceh Medan

Mie Aceh Medan is served from yellow noodles cooked spicy with the addition of meat or crab and is usually served with accompaniments such as sliced ​​pickled onions and lime, melinjo chips, and sliced ​​cucumber. Mie Aceh Medan has a distinctive taste and aroma, with prices starting from IDR 10,000 per serving.

  1. Rujak Pool Medan

It is called Rujak Pool because the traders sell it near the Deli Pool, Medan, which has been selling since the 60s. This Medan Pool Rujak is served with crushed peanuts on top. The fruit used is quite a lot. There are eight to ten types of fresh fruit, and interestingly there are additional young bananas. Rujak Pool Medan has a distinctive taste that is sold starting from IDR 30,000 per serving.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Medan by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.