7 Awesome Things to Do in Menjangan Bali


1.     Day trip to Menjangan Island and find Nemo

The Menjangan hotel can organize the whole trip for you, like a gourmet lunch box, diving and snowboarding gear, a speedy ship to and from the island, along with your personal guide. And because Menjangan Island is among the very best diving areas in Bali (make your excitement at the stunning coral wall to find Nemo!) You’ll certainly need to leap.

2.     Ride on horseback through the National Park

Research the National Park’s mysterious forest and you’re going to encounter The Menjangan, secure of loyal Australian horses. All these gorgeous animals know the forests better than the natives, so saddle up and enjoy the views of the beach and jungle via horseback, directed by the hotel’s trained staff, who will tailor your trek to match your riding skill.

3.     Ocean gaze from the bedside

The Menjangan contains three kinds of back-to-nature lodging options: The Monsoon Lodges concealed from the jungle, the ultra-luxe property known as the Home, and a group of magnificent Beach Villas — the latter of that comprise palatial bedrooms which appear right on the beach and the tranquil seas out yonder. Breakfast in bed hasn’t been paradisal!

4.     See the sunset in the treetop watch

At the heart of the hotel, you’ll find the Bali Tower. You will struggle to miss it: it’s a remarkable, towering structure made from five huge logs, each 33 metres long and 80cm in diameter! It teeters high above the treetops, five storeys high, with incredible 360 degree views over the National Park and out to the ocean. Make this your nightly sunset spot!

5.     Kayak across the serene waters

You do not need to move all of the ways to Menjangan Island to appreciate pristine sea perfection. Right On Your Menjangan’s Coast, you’ll find crystal clear and completely tranquil waters that are best for kayaking. Research your way through the mangrove maze and out into the bay at a double or single kayak (either by yourself or using a manual ) and end up just in time to observe the candy-coloured reflections on the ground.

6.     Dine beachfront with all the bull or heavy in the woods

When gourmet cuisine served in a magic setting tickles your fancy, then you will want to be cautious. Even the Menjangan is currently home to two entirely different dining areas that seem like they have come straight from a fairytale. We are speaking of a forest-hugging restaurant overlooking mountains and jungle serving mediterranean and Exotic cuisine, along with a beachfront deck which specialises in fresh fish, often frequented by wild deer. Heaven!

7.     Dive bomb away from the jetty

Tucked away on the side of this Menjangan’s bay is really a gorgeous wooden jetty that extends far out throughout the water. With rolling hills as a background and pond-like sea around, this tranquil piece of this National Park is as Instagrammable as it’s. And You’ll need to Boomerang a dip bomb from the end of the jetty to catch the moment.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bali by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.