Read about the lag-free and vibrant user interface of PlayerZon & GetMega


With innovation and technology, online gaming platforms are now aiming towards creating more sophisticated gameplay. The team of experts are working skillfully to make their gaming platform stand out in this competitive market. There are many online gaming companies, including PlayerZon and GetMega, that provide a wide range of games to attract gaming enthusiasts. But that is not enough. To retain the attention of the players, the developers of these games focus on building a great user interface (UI) for the gaming application or website as well. 

UI designs in games differ from other UI designs as it involves an additional element known as fiction. While building a UI design, developers keep in the mind the psychological and physiological factors of the human race. A great UI allows users to interact seamlessly with the games, thereby driving enhanced engagement. There are several online gaming applications and websites that come up with lag-free and vibrant user interfaces that allow individuals to interact with the game, providing them an honest gaming experience in real-time. Two such platforms are PlayerZon and GetMega. Let’s decipher how the user interfaces of these online gaming platforms offer a good gaming experience to the users. We will also look into the other characteristics of these platforms. 


PlayerZon is an online gaming app that features popular games like Call of Duty and Free Fire. This application only permits real players above the age of 18 years to join. The user interface of PlayerZon is very basic and straightforward with no complexities. With a lag-free UI, PlayerZon provides balanced gameplay to the users. This application highlights the fonts in bright colours which makes it easy to differentiate them. By streaming live tournaments, Playerzon offers a great opportunity for newbies to learn the games. Designed by professionals, this application also keeps the highlights of the tournaments that have been previously held. By offering a lag-free gaming experience, PlayerZon helps gamers to improve their skills. 

PlayerZon presents an excellent and detailed leaderboard. Boasting 10k+ players, it can be said that the leaderboard of this app is indeed interactive. Further, the strict rules of this platform have been able to amass massive popularity in recent years. If any technical issue arises on this platform and a match gets cancelled, players get a full refund of their money. PlayerZon also gives cash prizes to participants, when they win a match. This makes participating in the app more exciting. 


A member of the All India Gaming Federation, GetMega is a multi-gaming app that features games based on Trivia, Cards and Casual. Individuals whose IDs are verified with their Facebook accounts can only join this platform. GetMega flaunts a clean and user-friendly user interface. Developers of this app ensure that the gamers have the best gaming experience. For that, GetMega is packed with horizontal as well as vertical gameplay. The gameplays, however, differs from one game to another. For instance, if you are playing warship, poker or carrom who will have vertical gameplay. And if you play Rummy and GoPool the app will feature horizontal gameplay. With a vibrant interface, this app makes it easier for users to interact with the games. Further, on GetMega the key elements are optimally displayed which makes players focus on the game without worrying about anything else.  

GetMega uses vibrant colours that make the elements easy to identify and use. Adapted for a fun quotient and maximum entertainment, this app provides an opportunity for gamers to play and earn exciting prizes. GetMega has 24×7 task based and winning based leaderboards. The entry of such leaderboards is both paid and free depending on the leaderboards you are opting for. What makes GetMega unique from all other gaming apps is its audio/video feature. You can play more than 8 games on this app in audio/video mode. 

Now that you understand the importance of a lag-free and vibrant gaming user interface, you must choose a gaming application that provides the same. On that note, you should take a look at PlayerZon and GetMega and choose from the available options.