The art of searching on search engines


Did you know searching stuff in search engines is an art and many researchers have cracked the code? The question should be why some people get better search results than others. What people don’t get about searching for information in search engine is that is an art and to master the art you must practice the following steps. They include:

    1. Try to search on different search engines and compare the results because different search engines have a different algorithm in which search results are retrieved. Some bring a variety of results while others try to narrow down the search results.
  • Emphasize using specific keywords and this will help the search engine to narrow the search results to the information you want. Avoid ambiguous terms since they will bring a large extension of different results.
  • Be precise on your search terms by avoiding the use of prepositions, conjunctions, articles and suffixes like -ing since you are there for a specific title, phrase or name. Also, avoid the use of plural terms.
  • Make use of quotation marks since it tells the search engine to retrieve information that is exactly as the search term in the quotation marks 
  • Remove useless words by adding a hyphen before the useless word since it ignores the hyphened word from the search.
  • Refine search terms by use of special characters and operators like asterisks for wildcard searches. Wildcard searches are very useful when you don’t know the full text or quote of what you are searching for. Use OR operator when doing searches of different things at the same time. Use AND operator when you want two or more search terms to be on the same search results. Search on the specific website, just prefix the search term with keyword site: and if you want the search to be related to specific site use, related:
  • Avoid search pitfalls checking on every search result if the information matches what you want. Just because search results are on top doesn’t guarantee good content since the ranking of results depends on good SEO and not the content it has. 

 In summary, get used to searching information in two or three search engines and be precise by the use of specific keywords and when you get used to the use of special characters and quotation, don’t hesitate to use them. An instance of precise and specific search is, just try to type “NW Electrical solutions near you” and see the results. They are among the best match of the electrical solutions and services.