Smart curtains are electric curtains with certain tone-response, adaptation, and control functions. With the development of society, smart homes crop endlessly, and smart curtains have gradationally entered our lives.


There are numerous advantages when you choose automated window coverings for your home. still, like any option, there are both pros and cons. It is important to know about the advantages and implicit issues you may run into before you choose automated window treatments so you can make the most informed choice.

Smart curtains can automatically acclimate light intensity, and air moisture, and balance room temperature according to inner environmental conditions. It seems to have three distinguishing characteristics. Smart light management, smart rain control, and smart wind control are all possible. So, do you know what the operating concept of smart curtains is? Smart curtains are the bracket of electric curtains. It uses the motor to drive the curtain to move back and forth along the track, or through a set of mechanical biases to rotate the hangouts to control the forward and rear gyration of the motor for control.

Knowing how it works, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of smart curtains, to begin with, smart curtains could be opened and closed automatically. If you press the remote control or connect to the mobile app, the curtain can be opened and closed automatically. Not only youthful people like it, but also veritably accessible for seniors with limited mobility, and some smart curtains also support voice control.

Secondly, it is accessible to disassemble and wash. The smart curtain has a crucial lift function. The opening and ending will not noise others. Third, time switch. Smart curtains can be set to open and close time, like an alarm timepiece, you do not need to worry about it. There is indeed a remote-control function, and you can operate the curtains through your mobile phone when you are not at home.

In short, smart curtains meet the smart requirements of consumers. But other failings also need to be considered, like precious, smart curtains are high-tech products, and after- deals service also needs to be considered. However, like early after-deals or unfit to give after- deals service, you can only bear it yourself if the damage is caused by the indecorous operation. loss.


Eventually, the smart curtain has a short service life. It uses a DC encounter motor or a DC brushless motor to work, and the service life of the two is between three to five times.

Smart curtains have traditionally entered people’s lives. rather than going to the request to learn about them one by one, it’s better to customize smart curtains directly, counting entirely on your preferences, and the decoration style of your own home, choosing design styles and functions, and you can follow your preferences in terms of light application., Acclimate the inner brilliance, you can also add the asked functions similar to voice control and time switch singly to achieve your idealisation to the topmost extent.