Learn How to Market Your Business on Facebook for Free.


Using online material, you can turn your business’s passive followers into active clients with free Facebook marketing. This can be accomplished by optimizing your Facebook business profile, attracting followers to like your page, and then pinning a special offer or deal to the top of your page, which will direct users to your website or landing page.

You’ll need to spend time finding out how to use Facebook marketing for your company if you want to optimize your profile to attract followers. There are a few factors to consider, such as selecting the best industry-specific content to cater to your target audience, selecting the most successful keywords for SEO, and tracking the metrics to make the required changes to optimize for performance.

To sell on Facebook for free, follow these five steps:

Make a Facebook Business Page and Improve It

Create a visually stunning and content-rich Facebook business page. Your business page will serve as a landing page for interested Facebook users and will also help you rank higher in Google’s local search results if done correctly. Choose correct keywords, assert a vanity URL, and include attractive images to create a robust Facebook profile.

Create a Facebook Page.

Sign up for a Facebook business page to begin gaining customers through Facebook marketing. Sign in to your account and select “Create Page” from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. The platform will then walk you through the steps of building a Facebook page, including selecting a business category, sharing information about your company, and posting visually appealing and educational images.

Select the Proper Category

The first step in developing a Facebook business page is to select a category that accurately represents your company. If you’re a local business, choose “local business” as your category and add up to three subcategories to narrow down your options. A nail salon, for example, can choose between “nail salon,” “beauty salon,” and “cosmetics and beauty supply.”

Fill in your company’s information.

To finish setting up your Facebook business page, provide basic details about your company, such as your company name and contact information. Before allowing you to build a page on Facebook, you must first complete this segment. You won’t proceed to the next level unless you have the details mentioned above, so keep it with you while building your Facebook business page.

Claim a Vanity URL.

Choose a web address that explains your company when creating your profile, such as www.facebook.com/yourbusiness. This will make the page look more professional and branded, and the URL will be simple to share with customers. If you don’t update your URL, it will switch to random numbers difficult to identify and remember for customers. Mind that you can only alter your URL once, so choose wisely.

Select Appealing Pictures

People see your cover photo and profile picture first when they visit your website, so they’re an important part of your content strategy. Make sure the photos are appealing and relevant to your business. Change your cover and profile pictures seasonally or advertise an event or a company achievement to maximize your Facebook images’ marketing value.

Complete the About section of your website.

Your About Us or Me section should be under 250 words long and include useful information such as contact information as well as keywords that describe your business. For example, “pizza” and “Italian food” would be keywords for a pizza restaurant. Use as many characters as Facebook allows in this section to be descriptive. Fill out this section completely to enable visitors to learn more about your company and to provide information to search engines like Google.

Here’s an example from our FitSmallBusiness Facebook page:

FitSmallBusiness’s Facebook About page, as seen in a screenshot.

Learn more about selecting appropriate keywords for your business’s Facebook profile by reading our guide to search engine optimization (SEO).

Describe the company’s history.

Users can share more information about their businesses using Facebook’s business story feature. Use a marketing-oriented title and keywords for added SEO value in this section of your Facebook business page. Use your story to tell how your company began, advertise famous goods, or highlight key members of your team. Remember that only the first 100 words of your About section will be visible.

Obtain Feedback

Positive reviews are a cost-free way to draw new customers to your business. Request reviews from loyal customers or give a discount to those who leave a comment on your Facebook page. Since Facebook reviews will appear in search engine results, they are a handy free social media marketing tool.