Gold Might Go Out of Style But It Never Loses Its Value


Life is unpredictable. Despite your best-laid plans, you may find yourself in serious financial trouble where you need cash quick. Raising money can be a challenge if you have credit issues and banks do not exactly make it easy to take out small short term loans. You will have to consider other options. The best and easiest option is to look at what you have that is valuable like gold jewellery that you can sell to gold buyers Melbourne.

Gold jewellery has never quite gone out of fashion. People still own gold jewellery now for the same reason they owned it in ancient times. Gold is timeless. It has never lost its status in the world and its allure. Gold is more elegant than most metals that are used to make jewellery and jewelers are always changing fashions and trends with their new designs. One type of gold jewellery that has remained popular across the world is yellow gold. Most people think that this is the purest form of gold but it isn’t. To make up for certain shortcomings that gold has as a metal, i.e. pure gold is too soft and therefore not as durable, certain alloys are added to the metal. Most gold jewellery is made up of a certain percentage of metal alloys. There are different grades of gold that are used to make gold. The unit used to define the purity of gold is the Karat. The higher the karat, the purer the gold as this means it contains less metal alloys. Having fewer metal alloys makes the gold more malleable and since jewellery is subject to increased wear and tear, jewelers prefer to use gold that is more durable. 

Jewellery trends change and evolve all the time. In recent years, platinum was very popular and for a while people were choosing understated gold pieces. No big, chunky, flamboyant pieces and they also gravitated more to platinum, white and rose gold because of their subtleness. In 2001, wearing too much gold jewellery was unfashionable. Hoops, large bangles and heavy gold chains were regarded as tasteless and only something that should be worn by rappers who were promoting ostentatious lifestyles styles, but even they were choosing white gold over yellow gold. However, things change but the price of gold doesn’t change just because the color of gold is different. 

White gold is made with pure gold mixed with white metal alloys like nickel, silver and palladium. It is a popular alternative to white precious metals like platinum which is much more expensive to buy.  These metal alloys give the gold its white color. White gold is still available in different karats.  It complements diamonds better than gold, which is why it is a favourite with people who love their diamonds, big, bold and beautiful. 

Rose gold like White gold gets its color from the metal alloys that are mixed in with pure gold. It contains copper and silver alloys. These not only give the gold its pink tint but they also increase the tensile strength of the gold jewellery. 

When you want to sell gold jewellery, the color of your pieces won’t matter to gold buyers Melbourne as much as the purity of the gold used to make the jewellery pieces. Owning gold is always a good idea as it can help you get out of tough financial situations. Certain styles may go out of fashion but gold itself is always precious and valuable.