Divorce Attorneys Are Debunking These Major Myths


Divorce cases are the scenarios that can make the unexpected happen in the courtrooms. When hiring experienced attorneys, they might have already faced these and hence some of them are debunking some major myths.

You can get divorces in just twelve weeks

This is large marketing propaganda that people fall prey to. But there is no way that you can get a quickie divorce. The simplest of the cases might also require around four months to complete the courtroom proceedings. The other cases might stretch to about six months or even longer.

It is not possible to have a divorce without ruining the relationship

It is possible to have a divorce case without the spouses blaming each other. Both the parties need to agree upon the separation terms and they must be separated over two years. They can be separated for five years if just one person wants the divorce. Else, there will be scenarios of the relationship getting bitter among the spouses.

People get better settlements when spouses had affairs

Adultery is a very strong ground for divorce but there are no financial compensations received when the court addresses the adulterous behaviors. The court normally tends to find fair solutions to the issues that help them meet the family’s needs. The cases get more complex if children are involved in them.

A common-law wife can receive the same rights as a married wife

A common law marriage is a fictional occurrence despite however long the couple stays together. It is very little or almost no legal protection for couples who are cohabiting and no support is received if the relationship ends. If you are thinking about some ways to protect yourself, you must seek the advice of some experienced solicitor or divorce attorney.

You cannot commit adultery after being separated

There is no fixed rule against adultery and you can commit it. If you are separated and have not had a divorce yet, getting into any new relationship with a person of the opposite sex will be termed adultery. The divorce petition can be further filed based on this ground.

Most financial settlements are split 50/50

There is no fixed formula for asset division after a divorce. An equal sharing is what is favorable but there are many other factors to consider.

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