5 Tips For First Time Camping


It’s hard to imagine what to pack if you’ve never camped in your life. But don’t give up on spending these days in contact with nature just for that! We have the right tips for you to start venturing:

  1. Where To Camp?

Choose a well-structured Camping, with hot water for bathing and a good location. Search the internet, see reviews of places, and comments from people who have visited the place.

  1. How To Choose The Tent?

Buy a quality tent: it will be your home for the next few days. It is essential to have one with waterproof fabric and impeccable stitching so that water does not get inside. Be sure to check if the ceiling goes to the floor and how much the water column can stand in case of rain.

One more tip: Buy the tent with a number higher than the number of people going, so you’ll have more space to move and put your luggage.

  1. What Utensils To Bring?

Flashlight: A normal, rechargeable, or even headlamp flashlight will be handy for lighting inside the tent and outside which you can buy in online camping shop. A gas lamp is also an option;

  • Sleeping Bag or Inflatable Mattress;
  • First-aid kit: Take medicines you usually use and a kit for possible accidents;
  • Repellent or kills the electric insect.
  • Hygiene Kit: Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and toilet paper;
  1. How Will I Cook?

Some Camping has kitchens with stoves; others don’t. If you want to cook your food, there are portable one- or two-burner stoves that are small and easy to use. In addition to them, you will need a cartridge to attach to the stove and thus light the fire.

  1. What To Wear At Camping?

Bring light, comfortable clothes that you can get dirty and are suitable for hiking and exploring. If you’re camping in the winter or colder place, pack warmer clothes, gloves, a hat, a good coat, and a blanket for that moment by the campfire. The ideal is to select your clothes well not to take too much and take up more space in the tent.