How To Combine A Stag And Hen Party


In this day and age, the idea of having gender-specific parties sounds archaic. We have evolved so much over the years that it is common for guys to have friends who are girls and vice-versa. So what if your best friend and partner in crime is a girl? Do you not include her in your buck party night because of her gender/ What about couple who have the same friends, it seems a bit ridiculous to separate the males from the females just because a century ago, some guy said there were hen nights for women and bucks nights for men and these two should never mix? The new Gen Z is doing away with such archaic ideas and there is a steady rise of mixed gender bucks parties. In the UK they call them hen/stag dos or stens. What do we call Bucks/Hen dos in Australia?

Event planners are reporting that these kinds of parties are becoming more popular with couples than ever before. How do you find a good buck party idea Melbourne?

Find something that you both will enjoy doing as a couple. If your friends are her friends too, chances are you’ve had dates together or you know each other well enough to know what kind of party everyone will enjoy. It’s your party, so at the end of it all, what you decide to do is what should be done. Anyone who doesn’t like what you have planned can opt-out.

Are there themes that work well?

There are several ideas you can try out. How about something like “The Only Way is Essex” kind of vibe, or dress up and get a venue that will host 24 hours “in Ibiza party”. You can also rent a boat for the night and pretend that you are on some Mediterranean cruise. Make a weekend out of it and split at some point to let the girls do their girly spa days whilst you do whatever manly activities they might not be interested in. It’s not like women can’t do pub crawls or play Zorb Soccer and not all men will find the idea of afternoon tea or a spa treatment deplorable. Nor will your female friends find strip clubs uncomfortable.

Take a Surf Trip

This is something that might be appealing if you have friends that surf. If you have some newbies who want to try it out, organize some lessons for them.

Beer/ Wine Tasting

Pub crawls are among the popular bucks party ideas Melbourne can offer but not everyone likes the taste of beer, and that has nothing to do with being a man. Some people are into wine or whiskey or whatever. Look for a micro-brewery or a winery in your area that offers tours and tastings. There are event planners that can organize call-out bespoke whiskey tastings. With the number of microbreweries and wineries in Australia finding places in Melbourne should be easy.

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms have really taken off. They are a great way to test your friendships and your ability to work together to solve puzzles together.  Escape rooms are filled with mystery and adventure. There are different themed escape rooms all over Melbourne.