What is quilting, and what are the different types of quilt fabrics?


Quilting is the art and process of sewing together multiple layers of fabric, usually with thread or yarn used for the stitching. Different kinds of cloth are used in quilt making. A quilt is a piece of fabric generally used to cover the bed and is often used as a bed warmer. It is usually made of different materials, such as cotton, polyester, or wool.

Fabrics like Moda’s grunge basics give much importance to the fabrics as a perfect combination allows the material to have a softness and lightness while providing a nice, crisp look. Quilts can be big or small and are also used as decorative pieces of fabric.

Different kinds of quilt fabrics

Quilter’s weight cotton

This fabric is quilting weight but is more commonly known as quilter’s weight cotton. It is a popular choice for quilters because the material is easy to sew with and is a very high-quality fabric. This fabric has been made specifically for quilters. It combines cotton and polyester and has a hand-picked look that makes it the most sought-after material. It’s a beautiful fabric; it’s soft and very stable. It is most recommended to be used as baby quilts.


The use of wool has a long tradition in quilt making. Wool is the most durable fabric for a quilt and is made from the wool fiber of the sheep. It can be used to create a durable quilt and can be used for many years. It is easy to dye, and it can be made with a simple stitching process.


This fabric is used as an interior lining in quilts separately or combined with quilting weight cotton. It is an elastic fabric that stretches and contracts like perfect hair. It has various textile uses, such as lining up your bed, chairs, and so on.

It is composed of fibers made of twigs, straw, bamboo, and even grass which is often milled. It is typically harvested from hay and straw and used as a comfortable fabric. The main qualities of this fabric are that it is transparent, lightweight, soft, and silky.

Cotton Flannel

Using cotton flannel in quilting is an old tradition. It has become an essential element of quilt making, has become a more common fabric used in quilting, and is often seen in the textile industry. Quilts are made of flat cotton flannel, often called “linen.” It is made by winding or stitching multiple layers of flannel together in a pattern by hand. A quilt is usually made from 3-4 layers of flannel but can also be made from fewer layers or with multiple layer preparations.

Essex linen

The fabric is also a popular choice for quilters because it is relatively easy to manipulate and inexpensive. Essex Linen is a product made from woolen material found in the wool-producing regions. It is manufactured from the wool that has been ground into a fine yarn and then processed into fabric. It is then woven into various patterns, which is called “weaving.” The fabric is then dyed with multiple dyeing materials and is cut into different sizes.

Different fabrics give different experiences. It is highly beneficial to experiment and know your preferences. Fabrics like Moda’s grunge basics are completely cotton and are super soft and relaxed. Woolen fabric makes the quilt warm and long-lasting. Thus know your preferences and then choose the fabric to meet your needs.