Is cbd oil heavier to take before vs. after meals?


A research revealed that 14% Americans have used cbd products. About 11% of this population said they use cbd oil for sleeping, 20% for anxiety, while 40% say it helps with managing different types of pain. A research results can only be interpreted as user-reported.

There are increasing numbers of people using cbd oil, and other cbd products. Many questions remain unanswered regarding cannabidiol and its potential use for many issues.

Cbd oil directions

You will find directions on how you can use cbd oil uk. Most cbd oil labels say to mix the oil with your food. However, it doesn’t state if you should do this before, while, or after. Cbd tinctures labels include the suggestion to use the oil sublingually. This means that the oil is under the tongue and should be kept in the mouth for up 60 seconds.

Bioavailability – understanding

Cbd products that are edible such as our gummies can only be inhaled by the stomach. Then, they must pass through the digestive tract and on to the liver. Sublingual application wins this battle. Your sublingual glands can easily absorb cbd oil by dropping it under the tongue and then holding the container in your mouth for up 60 seconds.

Cbd oil, when should I take it?

So when is the best time for cbd oil to be taken? First, cbd should never be taken empty-handed. Cbd oil should always go with food. Although cbd oil can be taken right before or after food, we recommend taking it after.

Cbd oil is more bioavailable if taken before eating. Cbd oil that has been swallowed is more likely than the cbd oil that was swallowed. Its effectiveness will not be diminished by eating food, as most of its effects are already sublingually absorbed.

Cbd in eating handles

Did you know that cbd can absorb into your body even more depending on the food you eat prior to taking the oil? Cbd can only be absorbed by the body if it is paired with a carrier oil. Envy cbd’s tinctures uses a combination oil of mct, hempseed, because these oils are all fat rich, the cbd can bind with them.

Cbd and other cannabinoids can be bound to food that contains both medium-chain (and long-chain) fatty acids. This allows for more direct and efficient metabolism through the liver. However, first pass metabolism may still exist, but it is more limited when the right combination is used. This will increase the bioavailability.

What foods work very well with cbd oil?

The bioavailability and effectiveness of cbd oil can be aided by eating foods rich in medium- and/or long-chain oils. Let’s see, what would those foods be? Hempseed oil and mct oil are important ingredients in the synthesis cbd tinctures. But we also recommend:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Sesame oil

You can also find fat in eggs, meats, fish, avocados, nuts and other foods. These healthy fats, which do well for the body, are a great idea to eat before you take your cbd oil. You should also consider other health-related benefits from these fats. This will help you optimize cbd’s bioavailability.