Everything You Need To Know About Air Conditioning


Which model to choose? What is the ideal capacity? How should the appliance be cleaned and maintained by the expert technicians? When it comes to air conditioning, these questions are classic. What about the installation? Do you know how to install an air conditioner?

There are so many doubts about installing this device that even the simple act of buying it becomes a challenge, especially for those who live a busy day and do not have much time to take care of the house. Therefore, we prepared this material with everything about air conditioning to stay on top of the subject and have no doubts.

You don’t have to despair! Paying attention to these points and with the help of a specialized technician, it will be a breeze to install the air conditioner correctly and safely.

Call An Air Conditioning Technician

To help you with this task, we have prepared this post, a complete guide with everything about air conditioning. In addition to the installation step by step, here you will find everything you need to know about models, cleaning, part maintenance, common faults, and much more. Keep up with the reading and prepare your home for the hottest days of the year!

Air Conditioning Models

We know that there are several options of devices available in the specialized market, but how to find out which model is ideal for your home? Below, we list the features and functionality of the leading models so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Check out!

Portable Air Conditioner

This type of air conditioner is ideal for small environments. The great advantage of this model is its portability, as its name implies. You can easily transport it from one room to another in the house, which creates much more comfort and convenience for the user.

Split Air Conditioning

Without a doubt, the Split model from the residential and commercial service is the darling when it comes to air conditioning. This type of device combines practicality and efficiency in the proper doses, is recommended both for small environments and for more prominent places. Everything will depend on the capacity of the model.

The most common type of Split is the so-called Split Hi-Wall, which is installed on the wall. In addition to it, there are other models of Split that may be more suitable as needed. Are they:

  • multi Split, which allows two evaporators with only one condenser. The model is indicated for cooling more than one room at the same time;
  • Cassette split, which has up to 4 ways for the air outlet, and can be installed on the ceiling or ceiling of the residence;
  • Floor-to-ceiling split which, as its name suggests, can be installed on the floor or ceiling, being suitable for medium or large, residential or commercial environments;
  • Corner-to-ceiling split, which has its internal unit (evaporator) installed on the ceiling – more precisely in the gap between two walls.