Best Way to Navigate A Trip While in Jakarta, Indonesia


Taking a walk in a busy metropolitan city like Jakarta can be interesting. With lots of options and paths to choose from, besides, there are factors like traffic jams, organizing travel navigation, and a messy schedule to think about. Read on to learn how to navigate your journey in Jakarta, Indonesia.


The TransJakarta line crosses most of the city and integrated lines that can get you almost anywhere in just one trip. For those who fear being stuck in traffic in Jakarta, this bus transportation system is an excellent alternative to transportation as it is a separate line that may require passengers outside of the crazy traffic jams during rush hour. The system also consists of multiple feeder lines, which may require passengers from outside the corridor to the nearest shelter. Passengers may need to make a transit to change corridors, so be sure to study your path ahead and make ideal stops as well.


This commuter train system is not only for those in the Jakarta area; The lineup runs to Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, and many more. The KRL Commuter is still your primary mode of transportation for people going in and out of Jakarta for work. Because of this, trains are usually flooded with people during peak hours, so you can choose not to take the train around 7 – 8 am and 6 – 7 pm.


Jakarta has a large number of bus operators that use various routes, fares, and qualities. The buses you take will depend on where you are and where you are going, although they are not combined. There are less comfortable buses that are not air-conditioned, such as Kopaja or even Metro Mini, shorter and better lines. Only a few of these airlines have predefined schedules (especially air-conditioned patas buses), so they may leave and arrive unexpectedly, like in a traffic jam. Kopaja and Metro Mini usually don’t join the program, they just go when the seats are total or if the driver likes them, but they are everywhere, so there’s no need to worry.


It’s a bit easy to identify and call a taxi in Jakarta. You just wave or point at the car so that they will stop for you themselves. If you have to hail a taxi from a remote or quiet location, the driver can place a predetermined fare for yourself instead of moving on the meter. If you feel uncomfortable about this, just skip it and continue with other motorists – they want to scam you on a much higher fare. Still, drivers often want to raise money to get themselves instead of splitting it together using the taxi company.

Motorbike taxis

In Jakarta’s crazy traffic landscape, ojegs or ojegs are often a more viable option, as they can bypass jammed buses and cars, making you go places faster. Ojek drivers are at almost all corners throughout the Jakarta area, just approach them and tell them your destination. The driver gives you a helmet and also takes you anywhere you want to go.

Mini-van bus

A fleet of minibusses operates in Jakarta (except for the complex corporate and lifestyle districts) and takes shorter routes. All of these will usually not run and air without a fixed program. However, the practical problem is that you can call anywhere you need this particular minibus taxi. Simply yell left ‘(kee-ree) or just say stop’ where and the driver will drop you off.

Transport programs

According to April 2018, Uber no longer operates in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, and then it was acquired by Catch. It is possible to continue to take advantage of the lure to unload motorized vehicles, motorbike taxis, and arrange food. Grab it here to replace the previous online transportation service. Another reliable alternative is the Go Jek program in your neighborhood. Outside transportation, you can even buy movie tickets, arrange meals, buy shop phone charges, and other services like home massages and cleaning with the Go Jek program.

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